Premiere: 14.10./ 05.12. 2018 at 7:30 pm in Red House, Sofia 19 / 20 October 2018 in Studio Я, Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin 14/15 December 2018 in Neumarkt Theater Zurich    Text & Performance ZDRAVA KAMENOVA Director, dramaturgy GERGANA DIMITROVA space concept NATASCHA VON STEIGER Live-Video & costumе NIKOLA NALBANTOV Live-Music PАVEL TERZIYSKI Assistant director: OLGA KOCHANOVA […]


by Elin Pelin directed by Kalin Angelov set design and costumes - Nikola Nalbantov music by Martin Karov Cast: Albena Chobanova, Aladin Aliibrahim, Alexander Mitev, Andras Konchaliev, Kancho Kanev, Mariana Boneva, Martin Lazarevski, Pepa Maneva


‘Changing’ is a dramatization of ‘Metamorphoses’ by the Norwegian actress Liv Ullmann, and is the first solo performance of the actress Yoana Bukovska-Davidova. The performance is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Ms Ullmann and the 100th anniversary of the Swedish director Ingmar Bergman. This is also one of a handful of theatre spectacles in […]


a project of Plovdiv Opera Swan Lake - Tchaikovsky By choreography by Marius Petipa Conductor - Bissera Kadlovska Set design and 3d mapping: Nikola Nalbantov Rehearsals - Jordan Krastev, Laura Tarchugovska and Biliana Pasarikovska Concertmaster - Vyslislav Novak Starring: Odette / Odil - Maria Allas - Primal of Bolshoi Theater, Russian People's Artist Prince Siegfried […]


Ancient Theater Plovdiv by Adolf Adam Choreography: Coralli, Perot, Petipa Conductor: Konstantin Dobroykov Director: Yordan Krastev Set design, costumes and 3d mapping: Nikola Nalbantov Concertmaster: Vieslav Novak Assistant Director: Maya Lacheva Soloists: Iva Vitic Gameiro and Guilherme Vitic Gameiro Alves, Rumen Bonev, Kristina Chochanova, Georgy Banchev Photographers: Alexander Bogdan Thompson, Valentina Bilareva


State Opera Plovdiv by "Alice in wonderland" from Lewis Carroll Directing and choreography - Anna Pamulova Music - Assen Avramov Stage design and costumes - Boris Dalchev Video - Nikola Nalbantov Playwright - Anastasia Sabeva Photography - Valentina Bilareva Soloists: Rea Galambos, Stelian Radev, Maya Bejanska, Dicho Raichev, Radoslav Vladimirov Ballet and chamber choir of Opera Plovdiv


Arte Urbana Collectif by Frederic Sonntag director and translator: Dimitar Uzunov actors: Dimitar Zahariev, Eva Danailova, Ina Vanguelova, Ekaterina Georgieva, Jivko Jouranov, Nathan Cooper video and costumes: Nikola Nalbantov music: Alexey Nikolov graphic designers: Elena Gamalova & Nikola Nalbantov "George Kaplan" is produced in partnership with: French Institute Bulgaria / with the support of: Bulgarian Ministry of Culture and Goethe-Institut Bulgaria […]


A Performance by Arabesque Ballet Music – Paul van Brugge (Netherlands), Petar Dundakov (Bulgaria) Choreography– Boryana Sechanova Scenography, costumes and animation– Nikola Nalbantov Song lyrics– Berto Reinders (Netherlands) Soloists: Teodora Stefanova, Marina Popova, Valeri Milenkov, Vasil Dipchikov and Stefan Vuchov. In Pandora the authors performance the most topical problems of the contemporary society – overdosing, […]


Madame Mishima is a solo play dedicated to the great Japanese writer Yukio Mishima whose complex and controversial – at least to those who know little of his life and work – figure has largely remained a mystery to this day, even to his researchers, regardless of the absolute factual clarity of his life. Outrageously […]


Written by Zdrava Kamenova and Gergana Dimitrova Directed by Gergana Dimitrova / 36 Monkeys Assistant Director: Petko Stoyanov Original music by Todor Stoyanov (Ambient Anarchist) Video Art by Lyubomir Draganov – Phormatik Visual Lab, Nikola Nalbantov, Vladislav Iliev, Kamen Dimitrov Set design and costumes by Elena Shopova Lights by Elena Shopova Cast: Elena Atanasova, Nadejda […]


multimedia performance Contemporary Alternative Art and Culture "36 monkeys" Directed by and idea by Petko Stoyanov Text: Petko Stoyanov and Zdrava Kamenova Video-Art: Nikola Nalbantov Sound: Todor Stoianov Soundtrack by Yassen Toshev MULTISOUND Coordinator: Katrin Hrusanova Public Relations: Mialena Halvadjiysky Cast: Nadezhda Panayotova Voice: Zdrava Kamenova and Kiril Boiadzhiev Monodrama based on the new stage […]


by Zdrava Kamenova Directed by Kalin Angelov Stage designer: Nikola Nalbantov Composer : Martin Karov Cast: Biljana Stoeva Vesselina Mihalkova Daniela Viktorova Milena Kaneva, Vladislav violin , Plamen Dimitrov, Teodor Papazov


Music: Richard Strauss by poem by Friedrich Nietzsche's "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" Choreography: Mila Iskrenova Scenography: Nina Pashova Video: Nikola Nalbantov

Allez, Hop! - Highwire Walking

Theatre play a verbatim promenade performance directed by Neda Sokolovska Choreography: Nikolina Todorova Set design: Nikola Nalbantov Cast: Filip Trifonov, Linda Ruseva, Toni Karabashev, Elena Kaneva, Mila Bancheva, Petko Kamenov, Nikola Bozadzhiev with English subtitles “Allez, hop!” is the first phrase in circus jargon: it means the instant of total concentration and readiness that precedes […]


Coordination: A25 Culture Foundation Set and costume design: Elena Shopova Video: Nikola Nalbantov Sound: Jasen Toshev - MULTISOUND Special Technical Support: Zdravko Doychev The Meeting? Conceived and directed by Morten K. Roesen Soprano: Petya Milanova Tenor: Plamen Papazikov Piano: Blagovesta Angelova Composer: Claus Semrau Librettist: Michael Bonde Special thanks to Venilina Malinova A mini-opera exploring […]


by Zdrava Kamenova Creative team: Directed by Kalin Angelov Set and multimedia: Nikola Nalbantov Composer: Martin Karov Music Director: Georgi Georgiev Choreographer: Anna Miteva Cast: Milena Jivkova, Sava Piperov, Joanna Temelkova, Petya Silianova, Kalin Pacherazki, Nikolay Dimitrov, Julian Rachkov, Boris Georgiev, Simona Halacheva, Silvia Petkova, Daria Simeonova, Julian Malinov, Martin Giaurov, Nikolay Varbanov, Michael Milchev

Panagyurishte hall

Interior Design - Museum Panagyurishte. Hall "Panagyurishte treasure"


Theater "Salaza i smyah"   Spectacle of Sunny Suninski In texts and fragments of Marx, Fo, Unamuno, Zweig, Suninski Director: Sunny Suninski Scenography: Nikola Nalbantov Costumes: Mariela Malova Cast: Maria Sapundjieva Assen Blatechki, Stanka Kalcheva, Philip Avramov, George Karkelanov, Dimitar Zhivkov, Julian Porter, Julian Rachkov.


eDward - The Young Filmmaker's Award Authors: Evgenia Sarbeva and Nikola Nalbantov. The film has won second prize in the contest "eDward - The Young Filmmaker's Award" part of the festival "eDIT Filmmaker's Festival" held in Frankfurt, Germany.

Four Rooms

Sofia Theatre the idea of Alexander Rockwell Director: Gergana Dimitrova Scenographer: Nikola Nalbantov Roles perform: Siegfried – Ognyan Golev (guest) Angie – Biliana Kazakova-Ugrinska


by Andrew Beauvais Translation: Valentin Ganev Adaptation: Nikolay Mladenov Director: Prof. Veselin Rankov, Nikolay Mladenov Svetoslav Dobrev Choreography: Alexander Mandjoukov Music: Zlatko Mitreski Scenography: Nikola Nalbantov Costumes: SISLEY Selection of costumes: Evgenia Sarbeva Video: Nikola Nalbantov and Evgenia  Sarbeva The idea of Nikolay Mladenov Cast: Dimitar ENCHEV Luben KANEV Johana VARBICHKOVA Fahradin FAHRADINOV George ASENOV […]


ProText 2: New French Dramaturgy   „Protext“ is a platform, offering a fresh look at the contemporary dramaturgy, the possible spaces for theatre-making and the relationship between the text and the stage. The second edition of the project presents performance readings of contemporary French dramaturgy, situated in non-theatrical spaces. Organizers of the project: Vassilena Radeva, Gergana Dimitrova, […]


Sofia Theatre Director: Christianа Boyadjieva Scenography: Evgenia Sarbeva Costumes: Nikola Nalbantov Multimedia: Evgenia Sarbeva, Nikola Nalbantov Cast: Biliana Kazakova-Ugrinska, Nikolay Varbanov

The Enlightenment of the Stone

ARABESQUE CONTEMPORARY DANCE COMPANY Music: Angel Kotev Choreography: Boriana Sechanova, Olesya Pantinkina Scenography: Krassimir Valkanov Costumes: Tsvetanka Petkova-Stoynova Multimedia: Elena Shopova, Nikola Nalbantov

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