Director: Kalin Angelov
Scenography: Nikola Nalbantov
Music: Pavel Terziiski
Consultant: Vladimir Bozhilov
Photographer: Ivan Donchev

Simona Halacheva, Neda Spasova, Rosen Belov, Stefan Dodurov

Duration: 75 min.

Premiere: October 20, 2021


Based on an idea by Ivo Stamenov Otto

Playwrights: Gergana Dimitrova and Zdrava Kamenova

Director: Gergana Dimitrova

Cast: Alexander Mitrev and Zdrava Kamenova

Music: Pavel Terziyski

Scenography: Nikola Nalbantov

Sound engineer: Ivo Stamenov OttO

Assistant Director: Stefani Stefanova

Translation in ENG: Mariana Sabeva

Poster: Elena Shopova 


Have you ever been caught in a situation where you’re arguing with the GPS? How about cursing your car or accusing your phone of not understanding you? What exactly do we expect from technology, what do machines think of us? Can we create the perfect machine, while being imperfect ourselves and how valid are Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics today?

These are some of the questions raised in “Machines are Bitches” - the latest play by Zdrava Kamenova and Gergana Dimitrova based on an idea by Ivo Stamenov OttO. 

The play introduces us to Gerda, who has just decided to hit the road, leave everything behind, and try to get to a place of her dreams. Her only companions are machines, whose good intentions and capacity for empathy has been long put into question by humankind.

Zdrava Kamenova and Alexander Mitrev take the audience through several dynamic, hilarious and meandering hours of Gerda’s life, starring a GPS, a phone, a car.


The project is realized with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and the National Fund “Culture”.



18.04.2021 | 7:30 PM | CITY MARK ART CENTER

28.04.2021 | 7:30 PM | CITY MARK ART CENTER


Ballet for children by Karen Khachaturian
Director and choreographer  - Angelina Gavrilova
Costume designer - Adriana Naydenova
Stage designer - Nikola Nalbantov

Ballet of the Plovdiv Opera


by Clement Michel

Director: Kalin Angelov
Stage design: Nikola Nalbantov
Music: Georgi Georgiev
Translation: Natasha Kolevska
Photographer: Ivan Donchev
Poster: Radoslava Boor

Yulian Rachkov, Yulian Malinov, Simona Halacheva, Vladimir Mateev, Joanna-Isabella Varbanova, Lora Mutisheva, Nikolay Dimitrov

Duration: 80 min.

Premiere: September 30, 2020


YouTube video



14.10./ 05.12. 2018 at 7:30 pm in Red House, Sofia

19 / 20 October 2018 in Studio Я, Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin

14/15 December 2018 in Neumarkt Theater Zurich 


Text & Performance ZDRAVA KAMENOVA

Director, dramaturgy GERGANA DIMITROVA


Live-Video & costumе NIKOLA NALBANTOV


Assistant director: OLGA KOCHANOVA

Photographer: Ute Langkafe l MAIFOTO


In 1921 the young girl Vanga, born in an abandoned Turkish house, loses her sight and becomes a fortune teller, later called »The Nostradamus of the Balkans«. Her first vision: a lost sheep. And the visions keep rolling in her dream. Vanga sees it all: 1912. Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. Vanga keeps on dreaming, the year is 2015: Syrian people on boats, trying to reach the shores of Europe, its new boundaries, its abandoned houses and its animals waiting for justice.  




The history of violence during and after the First World War is marked by expulsions and ethnic cleansing in order to assert that these newly formed nation states were pure and homogeneous, which, centuries ago, were simply multi-ethnic. Various border conflicts and wars between Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey between 1913 and 1923 led to treaties that regulated the »exchange of population« between the warring countries: as a means of pacification, Christians and Muslims were expelled, expropriated and sent to foreign regions, where they might have had the »right« religion but were otherwise completely destitute and lacked the language required to begin a new life. How much does this illusion of an imaginary homogeneous community shape us today?

Bulgarian, Greek and Turkish theatre artists and members of the European theatrical network Undernational Affairs use documentary approaches to dig into the history of these waves of displacement between 1913 and 1923, bringing expropriated, abandoned houses as well as their inhabitants, back to life. In a process that’s taken over a year, they’ve researched, exchanged ideas and developed three evenings of theatre for War or Peace. These performances were created in three separate cities but relate to one another. Together, they show how frighteningly similar today’s demands for purity and unity sound to the ones used back then.


Many thanks to Mihail Meltev for the support during the documentary research!


by Elin Pelin

directed by Kalin Angelov

set design and costumes - Nikola Nalbantov

music by Martin Karov

Cast: Albena Chobanova, Aladin Aliibrahim, Alexander Mitev, Andras Konchaliev, Kancho Kanev, Mariana Boneva, Martin Lazarevski, Pepa Maneva


‘Changing’ is a dramatization of ‘Metamorphoses’ by the Norwegian actress Liv Ullmann, and is the first solo performance of the actress Yoana Bukovska-Davidova. The performance is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Ms Ullmann and the 100th anniversary of the Swedish director Ingmar Bergman. This is also one of a handful of theatre spectacles in Europe to feature augmented reality.

As presented in ‘Changing,’ Liv Ullmann's world is one of colour, childlike ecstasy and waves of contagious emotions. The focus of the dramatization, which is Ms Bukovska-Davidova's own project, is the Actress, She, who displays a multitude of faces without anyone ever knowing the one that's truly her own. On its part, her true self is manifested through stories and people, through childhood fears, up to the internal insecurity of a working mother, with all the attending emotional breakdowns, creative high points and failures.

Apart from the emotional human part, ‘Changing’ engages the spectator by uniting the audience, the performer and the stage through the use of innovative technologies in the theatre space. Building on the theatrical conceit, the show uses the spectators' smartphones to add elements of augmented reality and 3D mapping. The audience will be invited to participate directly in the creation of stage reality and become part of a performance that is so far unique for Bulgaria – one that amalgamates theatre, special movie effects and the actor's performing.

Story by: Yoana Bukovska-Davidova

Performed by: Yoana Bukovska-Davidova,

Directed by: Gergana Dimitrova,

Assistant director: Teodora Georgieva,

Augmented reality by: AVR1,

Production design and video: Momchil Alexiev, Nikola Nalbantov,

Score by: Trohi (Yoana Robova and Petar Parmakov),

Artists: Penko Gelev, Animation: Sotir Gelev,

Video: Martin Balkanski,

Cast: Anna Berovska, Rada Ilieva and Alexander Mitrev,

Choreography by: Marta Trifonova-Varlaamova,

Makeup: Tatyana ‘Tita’ Sleptsova,

Project coordinator: Adi Kaneva.


a project of Plovdiv Opera

Swan Lake - Tchaikovsky
By choreography by Marius Petipa

Conductor - Bissera Kadlovska
Set design and 3d mapping: Nikola Nalbantov
Rehearsals - Jordan Krastev, Laura Tarchugovska and Biliana Pasarikovska
Concertmaster - Vyslislav Novak
Odette / Odil - Maria Allas - Primal of Bolshoi Theater, Russian People's Artist
Prince Siegfried - Alexander Volchkov - soloist of Bolshoi Theater, deserving artist of Russia
Rothbart - Rumen Bonev - soloist of Sofia Opera and Ballet
Shout - Masafumi Oucono
Pa de Troja - Sasha Evtimova, Hristina Nakevska, Igor Velanovski
Ballet of Opera Plovdiv
Ballet of Macedonian Opera and Ballet
Plovdiv Opera Orchestra

Photos - Valentina Bilareva, Alexander Bogdan Thompson


Ancient Theater Plovdiv

by Adolf Adam
Choreography: Coralli, Perot, Petipa
Conductor: Konstantin Dobroykov
Director: Yordan Krastev
Set design, costumes and 3d mapping: Nikola Nalbantov
Concertmaster: Vieslav Novak
Assistant Director: Maya Lacheva
Soloists: Iva Vitic Gameiro and Guilherme Vitic Gameiro Alves, Rumen Bonev, Kristina Chochanova, Georgy Banchev
Photographers: Alexander Bogdan Thompson, Valentina Bilareva


State Opera Plovdiv

by "Alice in wonderland" from Lewis Carroll
Directing and choreography - Anna Pamulova
Music - Assen Avramov
Stage design and costumes - Boris Dalchev
Video - Nikola Nalbantov
Playwright - Anastasia Sabeva
Photography - Valentina Bilareva

Soloists: Rea Galambos, Stelian Radev, Maya Bejanska, Dicho Raichev, Radoslav Vladimirov
Ballet and chamber choir of Opera Plovdiv