‘Changing’ is a dramatization of ‘Metamorphoses’ by the Norwegian actress Liv Ullmann, and is the first solo performance of the actress Yoana Bukovska-Davidova. The performance is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Ms Ullmann and the 100th anniversary of the Swedish director Ingmar Bergman. This is also one of a handful of theatre spectacles in Europe to feature augmented reality.

As presented in ‘Changing,’ Liv Ullmann's world is one of colour, childlike ecstasy and waves of contagious emotions. The focus of the dramatization, which is Ms Bukovska-Davidova's own project, is the Actress, She, who displays a multitude of faces without anyone ever knowing the one that's truly her own. On its part, her true self is manifested through stories and people, through childhood fears, up to the internal insecurity of a working mother, with all the attending emotional breakdowns, creative high points and failures.

Apart from the emotional human part, ‘Changing’ engages the spectator by uniting the audience, the performer and the stage through the use of innovative technologies in the theatre space. Building on the theatrical conceit, the show uses the spectators' smartphones to add elements of augmented reality and 3D mapping. The audience will be invited to participate directly in the creation of stage reality and become part of a performance that is so far unique for Bulgaria – one that amalgamates theatre, special movie effects and the actor's performing.

Story by: Yoana Bukovska-Davidova

Performed by: Yoana Bukovska-Davidova,

Directed by: Gergana Dimitrova,

Assistant director: Teodora Georgieva,

Augmented reality by: AVR1,

Production design and video: Momchil Alexiev, Nikola Nalbantov,

Score by: Trohi (Yoana Robova and Petar Parmakov),

Artists: Penko Gelev, Animation: Sotir Gelev,

Video: Martin Balkanski,

Cast: Anna Berovska, Rada Ilieva and Alexander Mitrev,

Choreography by: Marta Trifonova-Varlaamova,

Makeup: Tatyana ‘Tita’ Sleptsova,

Project coordinator: Adi Kaneva.

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